Meet the team

The founders

Terence “Bud” Crawford

Brian “Bomac” McIntyre

Director of Operations

Steve Nelson

Director of Operations

The coaches

Brian “Bomac” McIntyre

Coach Red Spikes

Why do you coach at B&B
Terence wanted me to be a coach and I’ve been coaching for 10 years now. I really wanted to give back to the sport and the community and I have a passion for it.

Future goals for B&B?
hope B&B continues to grow and that we reach more kids. I hope we do more than boxing and also focus on community outreach, academics, wrestling and other sports. Not everyone will be a boxer.

Coach Tuto

Why do you coach at B&B?
I started coaching kids in 2004. I used to fight in Guatemala and when I moved to Omaha, I couldn’t get a fight. So, I started helping the kids and I love it. Boxing is my passion.

Future goals for B&B?
I hope we keep getting better and better, bigger and bigger. I want us to create more champions. I want people from around the world to know about B&B Sports Academy.

Coach Hugh Reefe

Why do you coach at B&B?
I enjoy the atmosphere here. Being able to see the kids having a good time is great and people like coming here. It’s been a lot of fun watching the kids grow up in the gym. And, it’s a safe place for the kids to be.

Future goals for B&B?
I hope we continue reaching more kids and that the Boxing program stays strong.

Coach Lucas

Why do you coach at B&B?
We help all kids. If they have problems at home and need love and support, we’re here for them. It doesn’t cost anything to train here. All the kids need to worry about is being here and staying out of trouble. When you become part of B&B, you become family.

Future goals for B&B?
I hope that our doors continue to be open for anyone.

Coach James "Hard Jaw" Henley

Why do you coach at B&B?
I enjoy being able to give back to my community and help the kids do what I love to do.

 Future goal for B&B?
Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring out more champions and bring in more kids. I want us to strengthen the boxing culture in Omaha, Nebraska.

Treven "Top Flight" Coleman

Why do you coach at B&B? 
I love that we’re in a central location in North Omaha. We’re affordable for our community and in direct touch with those in need.

Future goals for B&B?
My hope for B&B Sports Academy is that we have an organization that produces more World Champion boxers. I hope that one day we’ve helped multiple national title holders and future Olympians.

The board of directors

Catherine Bosley


Marcus Bell

Vice President
Omaha Bridges

Hugh Reefe

The Law Office of Hugh Reefe

Tim Dowd

Dowd & Corrigan, LLC

Brian McIntyre

Dave Roberts

Jason Tiedtke

Jay Lerner

Ken Patry

Kris Kuhn

Mynesha Spencer

Terence Crawford

Todd Kinney